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The Brave Hearts Corporation works in conjunction with the Idaho Veterans Assistance League, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to help Idaho Veterans and their families who are facing financial crisis.

The funds Brave Hearts receives are distributed in one-time grants up to $500.00 for the needs of our Idaho Veterans – from paying their power and heating bills, home or mortgage expenses to emergency home or car repairs.  All cases are thoroughly and thoughtfully considered, as in the case of a terminally ill Veteran dying from the side effects he received in Vietnam from Agent Orange.  This brave Veteran received a grant to travel to his home to be laid to rest in the family plot.

Brave Hearts relies, in big part, on the contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations whose hearts are touched by the great need of those courageous men and women who have served our great country.  It should be noted all Brave Hearts staff and board members are entirely volunteers, donating their time and talent to the organization.  With little overhead, virtually all funds received are donated to our Veterans.

PURPOSE:  The general nature and purpose of this corporation shall be:  The receipt, collection, and holding of donated monies for redistribution in the way of providing emergency funding for Idaho Veterans and their families who are experiencing critical need.


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MISSION STATEMENT: "To Assist Idaho Veterans in Critical Need"
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